Record screen and voice. Share video via private link.

Feature high quality

High Quality

Records everything on your screen in high resolution

Feature fast


15 min recording is ready to watch online in less than 5 sec

Feature no file handling

No file handling

Videos upload automatically to

Feature stream video

Stream video

Recipients can stream your video online - no download

Feature send by email

Send by email

Send your video via email directly from the app

Feature private


Videos are only accessible via a secret URL

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"Screenmailer makes supporting my customers easy, effective and fun, and my customers absolutely love me for it. I'm loving Screenmailer every day."


It's free!
"Definitely going to be giving Jing a run for it's money, 10x more simple, it just gets straight into it."

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Can my computer run Screenmailer?

Screenmailer runs on any Mac with Mavericks 10.9. Upgrade for free.

Windows version?

Not yet. Get notified when it's ready.

To where are videos uploaded?

Videos are uploaded and stored on Screenmailer's secure servers in Germany. A backup is kept with Amazon's storage system in Ireland.

Can anyone access my recordings?

No. Every video you record with Screenmailer can be shared with a private link. You control who you share this link with.

What's the maximum recording time?

45 minutes per recording. If you need to record longer videos email us.

Do I own the rights to my videos?

Yes, you have the full ownership rights to your videos.

Can I download copies of my videos?

Yes, download is possible for premium users.

It's free!

For the satisfaction of communicating clearly

"When someone wants to demonstrate a new feature they’re working on at 37signals, often the easiest way is to record a screencast and narrate the experience."

Remote: Office Not Required
by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Editor's Review

"In a nutshell, Screenmailer is a great solution for sharing ideas with your peers, co-workers or friends. The app makes it really easy to record your screen, upload the screencasts to a safe server and share it with anyone. On top of this, the service is free."

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