Record screen and voice.
Share video instantly.

Sending clear instructions has never been this easy.
Fast. Simple. Elegant.

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So simple your grandmother could use it


High Quality

Records screen and voice in HD quality



A 15 minute recording is ready to watch online in just a few seconds


Stream video

Your videos can be seen on all devices: PCs, tablets and smartphones



See when and where your videos are being viewed



Videos are only accessible via a secret URL. Extra security using passwords



Companies store videos in one bucket so intellectual property is never lost

Your recipients will love you for it

Screenmailer is a joyful replacement for long emails

Record and share instantly

It’s one-click easy to start a recording with Screenmailer. When you stop recording, Screenmailer instantly gives you a private link that you can use to share your video.

Screenmailer’s one click interface makes sharing screen casts quick and efficient, and it helps our entire team with productivity.
Satish Patel
Satish Patel

Painless video hosting

Your recordings are automatically hosted with Screenmailer and available to stream online immediately.

Companies can have one account with multiple users and store videos in a company bucket to ensure that recordings do not get lost.


Available for Mac and Windows

Record and organise your vidoes – all in one place


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How will you use Screenmailer?

See how other customers have integrated video communication into their business.

One of our customers: Simplero

Two things are highlighted when coaches talk about Simplero as the main platform for running their business. A brilliant product and world-class customer service.

What’s the secret? Quick and clear help, with a sweet, human delivery. That’s why Simplero responds to most customer support tickets with a friendly Screenmailer video – closing tickets faster and making customers happy.

Screenmailer makes supporting my customers easy, effective and fun, and my customers absolutely love me for it. I'm loving Screenmailer every day.
Calvin Correli
Founder of Simplero
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Waste no time communicating with colleagues

Effective communication is clear communication. That’s why hundreds of professionals rely on Screenmailer as the most effective way of sharing ideas, instructions and feedback with customers and colleagues.

Sell like a pro

Sell more effectively with Screenmailer. The best sales people don't just rely on screenshots and PDF attachments. They impress with Screenmailer.

Screenmailer is perfect for product demos and sales presentations. Just record your video and share the link. Screenmailer will then notify you when your lead clicks to watch your video so you can make contact while the oppotunity is hot.

Happy kids

Students understand better with video

When teachers help students find meaning the format truly matters. Unfortunately, so much is lost between the lines in text materials.

With Screenmailer, teachers record and share presentations, assignment feedback and instructions to programs such as Excel.

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